We at PMA have created more CAD models based on White Light Scans (WLS) than any other company in the world.  WLS is the most accurate surface digitizer on the market — several orders of magnitude more accurate than laser scanners.  Our Gauge R&R study demonstrates that PMA's scanning technicians have the proficiency to consistently measure dimensions to ±0.000040" (approximately 1µm) accuracy.

WLS generates ultra-accurate STL's via digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP).  Complex, organic, irregular or freeform shapes can be characterized and quantified.  Precise 3D coordinates are generated characterizing millions of surface points per square inch.  These sample part surfaces are averaged and aligned to create an average part, then imported using inspection software to create a model.

MRO = Maintenance, repair and overhaul

Business advantage: Free up customers’ design and manufacturing resources so they don’t have to focus on reverse engineering projects, but on revising and updating their designs, as well as returning legacy products to market in a fraction of the time.