Our business acumen and manufacturing/design experience provides us with a thorough understanding of the reasons a manufacturer might seek PMA services.  We can help you integrate modernization into your product development, while also providing an intelligent pricing structure that is sensitive to your needs.

Outsourced reverse engineering services can be a risky bargain, as it’s very difficult to ensure that CAD models and engineering drawings are accurate and correct till functional testing.  A refund or warranty policy might protect your financial liability if the work proves to be bad, but you could still lose weeks or months in development time.  Even worse, your valuable intellectual property might be leaked to overseas interests who will knock off your products fast and cheap.  Doesn’t it make sense to entrust your most valuable assets – your time and technology – to competent certified American professionals?

Further consideration of the quality (or lack thereof) of competing claims of reverse engineering competency necessitates an examination of data acquisition technology.  In some cases, drawings are developed arbitrarily by checking linear dimensions with calipers, CMM’s and optical comparators.  All of these methods introduce subjectivity into the development process – substituting intuition for quantitative knowledge.

In contrast, computer-aided inspection (CAI) based on white light scanning (WLS) provides accurate and through quantitative knowledge of the geometry of the original part(s).